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YOU THOUGHT THE GUTS were sore in Tape #336, well stand back because they're about to be battered beyond belief. That's right, back by popular demand, another gut slamming video — of course this by no means limits the destruction to just midsections, oh no, breasts and crotches are also subjected to savage attacks. Our first romp starts with Francesca toughening up her stomach in preparation for the sledge hammer blows from her upcoming opponent, Gasae. Mia aids in the exercise by dropping a medicine ball on Francesca's belly — higher and higher she drops the ball as Francesca tightens her abs in preparation for the shock wave from the heavy leather ball. But nothing could prepare her for the attach Gasae would release when she finds her messing around with her boyfriend. She watches as Francesca drops her top and uses her voluptuous breasts to tempt the weak man. Enough seen, Gasae pounces on both of them and batters guts to putty. But she underestimates the ultra tough Francesca when she assumes her battered prey is down for the count and she retires to the male's corner — a sonic blast from behind to her vulnerable crotch makes this a whole new ball game. Back and forth they rumble letting go with gut bombs, breast torpedoes, and crotch explosions. It's a war for destruction and these ladies come with the most explosive arsenals in the business.


BUT THE REAL Double Trouble war comes in our next match as Marjone's tag partner doesn't show and she decides to go it alone against Mia and Francesca. Now Marjone is as tough as she is beautiful and that's saying a lot. The ladies are supposed to battle only one at a time, but — well, things always seem to have a way of getting out of hand. Out of hand, into raging fists as these wild felines rip their tops off and attach every vulnerable spot. Guts, breasts and groins all fall to a savage attack, destruction that couldn't possibly get worse does — DOUBLE THE TROUBLE as two multiply the devastation. To these destroyers nothing is sacred, all parts of the heavenly body are open to devastation — total, complete and without mercy — gut slugs and a hell of a lot more!!!