45 minutes — $59.95


ARM HOLDS, arm hairs pulled, skin twisted - your basic arm devastation, thatıs the cornerstone of the two matches on this tape. We start out with the gorgeous Candi in the ring admiring her new belly button ring and asking Julie to go easy on it in their match. Julie answers with an immediate attack that contorts the unsuspecting blondıs arm in a most painful position. And weıre off, both ladies work in their favorite arm hold tortures and then add all that extra pain with the arm hair ripping and savage skin twisting. Tops get in the way and are soon discarded giving the ladies more freedom for their arm destruction.


MORE OF THE SAME comes with the second match as sweet Susie, decked in high heels and silver bikini does her stretching then flexes and feels her arm muscles when Tracy also in heels comes in and shows off her athletic arms as she belittles Susieıs. They decide that only an arm match can provide the answer -and again weıre off to a plethora of torturous arm holds. Tops are soon flung off but their heels stay on, in fact their heels stay on through the entire match. Not just arm torture but some very unique holds; Susie stands and while her sexy blond foe kneels Susie straddles her head then pulls Tracy'sıs arms behind her back where the painful pulling and twisting are easily applied. Back and forth they go - arm destruction to the hilt because only one set of arms can be left standing when two gorgeous blonds give it all theyıve during this ARM TO ARM COMBAT!!!