1 hour — $59.95


WOW, IT IS MOST definitely time for another of our fabulous all nude series, WOW series. Our first romp starts off with the delectable Christine all dolled up in her short skirt, white nylons, heels and blouse — on the phone she describes her outfit to the producer she's going to meet for a part. From behind Marjone approaches and listens, this conversation gives her an idea to further her career and once Christine hangs up Marjone pounces on her. While her struggle is valiant Christine cannot free her self from her determined attacker and like a constricting snake Marjone wraps herself around her victim and chokes the air from her. Delighted with her victory Marjone surveys Christine's limp body then slowly strips each piece of clothing till all of Christine's beautiful body is exposed. Marjone then drags her prey across the room waking her and forcing a new brutal attack. Finally Marjone subdues then ties and gags her unclad casualty then departs to attire herself in her victim's clothes and meet that producer. But don't think this one's over, by no means — soon both of these glorious beauties are wild, naked and desperately fighting to be the one leaving and not the one bound, gagged and destroyed.


FROM INSIDE WE BOUND outside to the ring for our second romp where we find an already naked Hollywood exhausted from a previous match where she totally destroyed her opponent. An angry Katrina; clad in a swank outfit of heels, black stockings, skirt and blouse, storms out of the house to confront the lady who just humiliated her friend. Facing off in the ring only causes Hollywood to laugh which infuriates the curvaceous Katrina and she decides to go change so that she can teach this brute a lesson. But Hollywood has just been through one battle and decides to get a jump on this one — she attacks Katrina from behind and proceeds to destroy her till only an exquisitely formed life-less figure lies before her. Slowly and with great delight Hollywood disrobes her prey, then leaves to acquire tools of bondage. But a tough warrior like Katrina isn't easily trussed up and a new battle ensues. Two naked warriors roll across the ring vying for power, free of all restricting cloth they release their rage — till one destroys and commits her naked foe to the ultimate control — gagged and lashed from foot to torso all her efforts to be freed are futile. WOW- two fabulous matches that are bound to be enjoyed as these unbelievable naked beauties are cinched tight and offered bound and gagged!!!!