1 hour — $59.95


LAST TIME THESE TWO got together it was a real raw meat feast but now the luscious Katrina invites her statuesque, blond foe over to her place for a little bite to eat. Of course Hollywood doesn't realize she's the main course. High skirts hiked high on their supple thighs, they amicably chat until Katrina brings up their past meeting — causing all hell to break lose as Katrina attacks Hollywood's supple, long lean thighs. Savagely she sinks her pearly whites into the soft brown flesh as he victim screams in pain but Hollywood is a real warrior so we soon have a wild cat-fight, short skirts over buttocks, tops and bras ripped off — both ladies straining to sink their incisors into the soft vulnerable skin. No inch of epidermis is safe; legs, breasts, backs, butts, all fall victim to these hungry jaws.


A WILD, SEXY ROMP full of savage biting attacks, followed by even more savage jaws. Yes, our second match has more of these great whites circling their prey ready to sink their sharp weapons into more soft skin. Two more fabulous beauties face off in the ring — Franchesca and Lisa in their skimpy suits lock hands over head in a test of strength when the wily Franchesca pulls one of Lisa's sleek arms down and into her eager jaw. Screams of pain fill the air but have no affect on Franchesca, who like dog with a bone drags her victim to the corner where she can get more leverage into the bite. Finally Lisa escapes the jaws from hell and is appalled at deep imprint the teeth made in her tender skin. They both decide to forego the rules and we're off to another sequel to Jaws. Fabulous female bodies trying desperately to fight for a good biting position. Most of their vicious bites are aimed at arms, hands and fingers but there's also a long biting tour which covers the entire back. They delight in clamping onto the skin and stretching it far from the bone and seeing who can leave the worst chomp scars. A wild ride — literally as these sexy cannibals ride each other into a gnawing frenzy. You thought that big fish was something to worry about, he's a minnow next to these four jaws. A tape that takes a real bite out of entertainment — and it's just waiting to take a bite out of you.