1 hour + — $59.95


YES, THE FOUR LADIES in this tape have a lot more than just beautiful large breasts, they are superb athletes and cunning predators. The first match pits two grappling titans, both in size and talent — the mammoth breasted Julie D.C. and the statuesque blond bomb-shell, Hollywood. Entering in their high-heels these Amazons are anxious to get it on as Hollywood tells us exactly how she's going to destroy her opponent and soon the big girls are mixing it up, starting out with a hand to hand test of strength which soon ends up with D.C. topless and straining to stay alive. But D.C. proves to be more than just brute beauty, cunning not only gets her back in but with the upper hand. Soon both ladies are topless and showing an incredible knowledge of holds and how to inflict maximum pain with all these varied positions of destruction. From throws, pinning large breasts against ropes, intricate holds and savage punches one soon sees why this savage multi-fall bout lasts over forty minutes. It takes a lot to wear down the big girls because they're more than just big, beautiful breasts.


AND SPEAKING OF big beautiful breasts one can't help thinking of Sandy and Katrina, and what a coincidence they just happen to be in our next match. Now if there was ever a doubt to the athletic prowess of either of these buxom bodies it will immediately be alleviated after viewing this fabulous match. Yes these ladies start out with the walk and the talk as they meet in the center of the ring with some verbal jousting that soon turns into a raging battle. Large voluptuous breasts don't keep these ladies from moving like cats as they aggressively go at each other. Crushing leg scissors that smash guts and breasts, blows, throws and devastating bear-hugs that mash their robust chests together till one falls to the mat in annihilation. Like two destructive dances they move through their battering ballet till one gains a superior position of dominance and tortures her opponent till she whimpers and pleads for mercy — mercy in the form of destruction is swift, final and total. Yes these ladies, all of these ladies are much more than just large, fabulous breasts!!!