1 hour — $59.95


YES, IT'S A ONE-WAY street to destruction and our dark warrior, Solvang has taken the right turn. She enters the ring seeing the luscious, youthful Tara, her sleek, young, naked body hung over the ropes. A kiss awakens a protesting Tara who is sure she was taken advantage of in her last match. Solvang proposes another ten destruction match and is willing to give one hundred dollars to the winner. No sooner does our sweet victim agree than she is cold cocked by a vicious right that leaves her lifeless on the canvas. And this begins the ten destruction's of poor Tara as each time she is pulled to the center of the ring and placed spread-eagled then taunted and awakened many times by a kiss. Slugged and dragged by her pony tail, choked and in general, destroyed till poor Tara is again nude and draped over the ropes awaiting even more humiliating destruction.


NEXT, WE HAVE TWO of our sexiest sirens going at it in another ten destruction match. The rock hard Tasha gets it on with our wild beauty, Franchesca. These two go at it with a vengeance for blood, then just as quickly, the victor sensuously strokes her unconscious victim and either pinches her erect nipples or kisses her awake. But awake just produces more pain —slugging or standing on guts, they're out for real destruction. Both of them seem to be able to dish it out, until one really starts to take over and gets her foe in the corner where she really lets her have it —reaching down into her victim's shoestring bikini and pulling hard at her pubic hairs till the pain is just too much. But she doesn't stop there, no, she wants more than just physical pain —she wants her pride! These two fabulous hard bodies are a real joy to watch go at it, because they really enjoy their work.