1 hour + — $59.95


WHAT MAKES A TRULY great match? Maybe it's two fabulous combatants, two ladies that never stop trying, that work out of each hold with a creative spontaneity that flows like the paint of an inspired artist to his canvas. Only this is a larger canvas and the artists are Katrina and Mia. A seamless work that even captured the best of our fabulous camera man — from their tough opening dialogue to their gut battering blasts but mostly the liquid flow from each painful — a constricting waist scissors that maintains it's constrictions even when the victim gallantly rises to her feet. All the little efforts, those minute brush strokes that individually aren't noticed an a canvas but as a whole one pulls back and sees a masterpiece. All the pieces come together in this one — sit back, let it flow and you'll soon be enveloped by a true female combat work of art. And as uplifting as this match is our second one takes uplifting to a literal level.


FRANCESCA HAS BEEN TRAINING hard for the last year and it's very apparent with the opening of this match, as she is topless doing pushups — these aren't wimpy girl pushups, no these are muscle popping dips that press Francesca's firm breasts into the mat. Francesca is dressed in sexy black fish net stockings, just like the ones worn by Gasae when she enters the ring,. Also topless and being in her usual combative mood, she soon sits on Francesca as she does pushups eventually smashing her to the canvas. Then Francesca challenges Gasae to do push ups and she sits on her only when Gasae collapses Francesca stays astride and forces Gasae to carry her around the ring on her back, but this horsy ride isn't good enough, while still on her back she commands Gasae to rise to her feet and continue the carry but eventually this still isn't enough as they go to a corner where she climbs onto Gasae's shoulders and the carry continues. But the carry ends on the mat where our black legginged hell cats go at it using their legs to squeeze the life from all parts of their victims. Gasae gets the upper hand or in this case leg and for revenge the strenuous lifting routine is reenacted but poor Francesca now does the lifting. But don't think this one's at all over, no some long smothering face sitting still must be endured and all four of these black lacy legs have a great deal more pain to dish out.


WHAT THE HELL, let's make this a real bonus tape by adding a third great match introducing a new knock out lady, Cayanne's her name and she lives up to it. This is one hot newcomer one of the firmest, sleekest most muscled ladies we've seen in a long time. A natural athlete she's been dancing since very young and her fabulous conditioning come in very handy as she takes on the very nimble hard bodies Tasha in an arm match. This turns out to be a really great match as Tasha's quickness become a real test for this gorgeous, tan amazon. Big, beautiful and ready for action — Cayanne is one new beauty you won't want to miss. A little extra from the company that's trying to do more for you — because we know you'll appreciate it. And because we plan on remaining #1 in female combat !!!!