50 minutes — $59.95


MIA IS WORKING OUT in the ring when her hated foe approaches — Raven stares as Mia begins to taunt her trying to get her into he ring as Mia feels she's really ready for this battle. It's strange to see the usually brazen Raven so reticent but finally she slowly enters and is soon the victim of Mia's savage onslaught which sends Raven begging to a corner, but something is wrong — it's all too easy — and we soon find out why. That large, mean Burbank Bomber soon shows up and sneaks up behind her innocent victim. Then all hell breaks lose as two of the meanest femmes in female combat decide to destroy a valiant warrior. But Mia stands no chance, destruction is immediate and worse — it seems to be never ending. Separately these two killers are mean but together these bullies are a unit of total destruction — nothing is sacred. They destroy her gut, step on her neck, turn her upside down and drive her head into the mat — more, more, more brutal than poor Mia should ever have to take — but watch out because these two are just beginning!


NEXT WE HAVE TWO of our most popular ladies in a wild escapade. Hollywood in her skintight black pants tucked in her high leather boots, her loose lacy top over a low cut black bra and her black cowboy hat sneaks into an empty bedroom where she looks for and finds some valuable documents but as she reads them Katrina in her black coat open to reveal a white bikini overflowing with her shapely breasts, her short skirt and high white leather boots sneaks up behind Hollywood and pulls a gun from her holster. A lightning kick from Hollywood's shapely leg sends the gun flying and a stunned Katrina soon finds herself the recipient of a jaw smashing right cross that sends her flying to the bed. Seeing Katrina out cold on the bed Hollywood proceeds to the living room to finish reading the important papers. The unconscious one awakens and is soon attacking her enemy, a wild brawl ensues as these fabulous bodies wildly flail across the couch till finally Holly wood bends Katrina over the edge of the couch and pounds on her gut till Katrina's breasts shake from the fury, then Holly wood knocks her out again and leaves. Again we find the game Katrina awakens but this time she is taking no chances as she grabs the fireplace shovel to accompany her as she searches for the intruder. Soon the hard metal meets Hollywood's pretty head sending her flying to the bed and Katrina is back in control. But this escapade isn't even close to over — nothing seems to stop these two game warriors. Slugs, chokes and savage multiple knock out blows only make them more determined for revenge. Only when one finally ties up her destroyed victim do we finally have an end to this conscious halting destruction! WOW — together these two are smashingly fun to watch!