75 minutes — $59.95


WHAT COULD BE BETTER than four heavenly bodies, well how about four fabulous, athletic beauties that are eager to tag in and do battle . That's right a tag match is set up because Nora also known as Heather doesn't like the way Candi is training her and Francesca, who doesn't care too much for Candi, comes to her aid, and a real cat fight ensues till finally Mia breaks it up. A tag match is set up and Candi gets Marjone(Jordan) for her partner. It's a one fall match, the last team standing wins and Mia gets the unlucky task of refing. It's a wild back and forth match with some serious cheating because both sides really want to win. The tops are soon off and these wild young beauties really let it all hang out, even Mia isn't safe in this one. At one point Marjone picks Nora up, caries her to their corner where she drops her upside down on the ropes and with Candi's aid proceeds to destroy Nora's gut. It gets so wild one girl is really hurt and can't continue but that doesn't stop this one, no sir, matter of fact it gets even crazier because these ultra gorgeous wild cats are determined to take all the way — TILL IT HURTS AND THEN SOME!!! This fabulous tag lasts almost an hour and would be more than enough to make one great tape but why stop here — let's add one of our sexiest matches.


TWO SWEET YOUNG BEAUTIES, Tara and Susie do a strip around the mud pool. Next we know they're covered in brown goo and sliding over each other. At times they seem to be looking for a hold to inflict pain but more often then not the tactile pleasure of these liquid bodies seems to overwhelm them and they get lost in the pleasure. Believe me they aren't the only ones that get lost in this pleasure — you'll soon be sucked into the sensuous joy as these two sleek female bodies flow slowly across each other, finding themselves in tight stimulating positions where pleasure and pain become one — producing one very fun gooey romp. Five beauties in a very long destructive tag then two beauties sliding into pleasure — makes for one great tape !!