1 hour — $59.95


GASAE STARTS US OUT with her challenge to Mia as to who has the tougher stomach — they hit themselves and each other to determine this painful decision, not just guts but crotches are put to this destructive challenge but it all ends up in a meeting in the ring the following day. Mia is working out with her boyfriend, Mark — she uses him to work out her moves and poor Mark is subjected to one tortuous session, savage slugs, flips and killer kicks that leave him devastated in the corner where Gasae eventually finds him. Mia returns finding Mark with Gasae and a wild cat fight ensues — this is destruction at it's savage best. So many gut quaking blows their hard to count let alone endure and not just guts, no these attacks are also savagely aimed at their vulnerable crotches. To make it worse it's a multi-fall cat destruction where each gloats over her whimpering victim. Eventually one poor victim is thrown out of the ring and finished off. This is one long, unbelievably, brutal match.


BUT EVEN MORE UNBELIEVABLE is that it's by no means over, yes Bobbie shows up to aid the destroyed victim and work out a plan to reap destruction. They scheme to bring Francesca in and she and Bobbie will challenge Mia and Gasae to a match with Mark as the ref but Francesca and Bobbie will be distracting Mark so they along with this loser can gang up on the other girl. This turns into one extremely wild tag match as many hidden agendas come to the surface but the complications are nothing compared to the destruction — one on one, two on one, three on one, and all attacks aimed at the midsections and crotches with a little breast slamming thrown in just for the fun of it. A saga with a little bit of everything and a lot of destruction!!!