1 hour — $59.95


BACK TO THAT most painful yet beautiful arch produced when a female figure is forced to bend in an opposite motion of it's usual hinge and in this contorted position of strained and flexed muscles comes a figure of sleek beauty. First to endure this painful beauty are two fire cats with strong young bodies. Katrina topless and in her high heels paces the canvass as does her arch rival the high heeled Nicole. Both ladies show off their stretching ability as they bend backwards in a visual taunt to their opponents. The match starts with both ladies still in heels that add a defined muscular turn to their feminine calves. Each finds herself in the power, forcing her foe in tortuous back breakers — over ropes and bodies the stretches are achieved and most amazing of all is that their heels stay on. Both ladies get feisty as Nicole stretches to the tightest curve and all of Katrina's body is forced taught except for her large perky breasts.


NEXT WE FIND JULIE strutting up to the ring apron in high heels and rubbing her sleek gams. This does not go unnoticed by the venomous Raven who prances in showing off her high heeled wheels of destruction. Again we have another match of back bending destruction but this one gets a little more one sided as the deadly Raven puts poor Julie through a series of tortuous and very varied back breaking holds that have her screaming for mercy, but mercy is not one of Raven's greatest qualities — the pain continues. It's legs and backs at their strained, sleekest, and most painful beauty.