1 hour — $59.95


AND THEY DON'T COME much bigger than Julie D.C. so when the busty Sandy says she has the biggest breasts and that no woman can beat her Julie instantly throws down the gauntlet as she scoffs at the high heeled blond in front of her insisting her breasts are bigger and her crotch much tougher. Like two gun slingers sizing each other up they approach, then thrust out their heavy artillery and begin their fleshy war. Their chests heave as their breasts are slammed into each other, soon these piercing torpedoes ignite blowing up and fusing into a chest to chest bear hug. A new battle is soon established and a tape measure is produced to decide who really has the largest armaments. For accuracy both ladies bare their chests and expand t o their fullest — vast numbers for both but one comes out a clear winner but size is not everything as nipples are also compared. The war now turns into many skirmishes where each lady tries to out do the other — I can squeeze your breasts harder — lift you higher — put on a more tortuous hold. On and on the war escalates till these busty beauties go all the way to total breast destruction — who has the toughest mammaries — who can withstand the most breast battering pain — well only one walks away from this one. The other lies whimpering from the pain.


WE FOLLOW TWO of the best with two more legends that have never meet — Hollywood and Christine, yes two of the best ever get in an argument over who should have received a part they were both vying for. Hollywood says it's because she's younger and has better breasts, this sends Christine into a rage breaking Hollywood's valuables and forcing the tall blond to take Christine out to the ring to settle this. But they can't even get to the ring before they start and once in the ring they really get wild, Hollywood kicks her foe sending her into the wall where Christine realizes the ropes aren't up which allows for some later brutal slamming. Soon these wild cats are ripping each others clothes off till finally their beautiful breasts are bare and the targets of savage destruction. Yes these ladies are mad and ready to take it out on each others tender, chest flesh, and it goes till one can no longer take the pain of this breast mauling. The vanquished lays destroyed, it's over — not. No sir this loser is by no means ready to give up and follows her enemy into the house where she continues the destructive breast battle and a new twist is added as tape is used to blind one as again the mammaries are battered till one lady can take no more and collapses from the pain. Eight fabulous breasts make for one fabulous tape.