45 minutes — $59.95


FOR THOSE THAT LOVE strong, lean feminine arms entwined in battle we have another tape to offer, and it starts out with our two super new ladies. The fabulous Hollywood takes on the very voluptuous Lisa. Two of the sexiest ladies around putting each other in a series of bone breaking arm holds makes for some great fun. Back and forth these ladies strain their biceps, one strains to put on the pain while the other strains from it. These topless beauties even take it to that extra tortuous level — pulling the arm hairs of the captive limb as the victim screams in pain. And what one does the other returns when she finally gets in control. It is a true joy watching these two work together and what beautiful arms even wrapped in death holds.


THE NEXT MATCH brings another new cutie, Alexandria, a beautiful full figured youngster whose anxious to put her curvaceous heft into battle. She takes on the sleek, firm Tracy and while neither of these ladies have had a lot of experience they're both game competitors. The sleek arms vs. the larger youthful strength of this new young lady. More hair pulling torture, finds more screams of pain as these topless ladies give us another show of arm destruction. These arm matches hold a real attraction for all of you that love beautiful arms in action and this one is definitely — ARMED AGAIN!