75 minutes — $59.95


HOW MANY FABULOUS new ladies can we bring to you? Till it hurts! That's right, we're going to keep finding the most beautiful, talented ladies in the world to bring you combat pleasure. So, for your hurting enjoyment, we introduce another incredible find — Lisa. She's a busty, auburn-haired beauty. What curves, and oh, what a face — but can she get it on? That's what the bronze bombshell, Francesca, has come to find out, in this best of eleven fall match. As each lady disrobes, we view two fabulous bodies, ready for action, tennis shoes and all. For a while it seems like our new beauty may be no match for the skilled Francesca,as the veteran strikes first ,getting Lisa to the canvas and proceeding to stomp and kick her. After she's pinned, she's barely able to make it back to her corner. Second fall finds Francesca quickly taking advantage of her weakened opponent and piling on the torment, but Lisa is a real game beauty as she eventually fights back. There are a lot of surprises in this fabulous match, including how gorgeous, yet how tough, the newcomer is, and how great it is to see her match with the fabulous Francesca. It brings out the best in both of these incredible battlers. Without a doubt, Lisa is one of the most striking beauties ever to step through the ropes, and she is most definitely destined for stardom, because she is eager and willing to go all the way — till it hurts and then some! This gorgeous newcomer in such a fabulous match would, by itself, be enough to make this a great tape, but hold on to your popcorn because another great match awaits you.


AND WHO BETTER to follow an exciting newcomer than one of the all-time exciting queens of combat. I'm talking about none other than that big, blond, amazon with the vicious mouth and the mean toughness to back it up — the one and only Burbank Bomber, Shelly. And to do battle with this bountiful, curvaceous warrior is a she-cat with one of the most beautiful faces in all of wrestling, the gorgeous Kimberly. Kimberly is a pretty tough lady herself ,but next to Shelly she's the innocent girl next door. So the question is, in a long best out of seven fall match, can the girl next door stand up to this big, bad meanie. Kim starts out topless, but it doesn't take her long to free Shelly's massive breasts as these blondes get right to it. Shelly's bronze skin clashes with Kimberly's sensitive, milky white surface as these vast beauties work steadily toward these painful holds of destruction. The skin reddens and welts from a vicious claw. Camel clutches stretch necks beyond pain, bear hugs flatten breasts and chokes are merciless, denying air till the victim is left limp and defeated. Long and torturous it languishes, until that last excruciating police-banned choke is clamped on to the loser's already tormented neck. She struggles, the vice tightens. She gasps as the grip steals more of her air. Then one last mighty squeeze — till it hurts and then some. She goes limp, and the victor allows the vanquished to collapse. Because she's gone till it hurts and then some!!!! The new with the tried and true favorites — what a grand tape.