1 hour — $59.95


SWEET, VOLUPTUOUS Katrina in her short skirt and top lies sleeping on the couch when Hollywood comes in and sits down beside her. Hollywood asks her how her audition went but Katrina doesn't respond and eventually Hollywood grabs Katrina's firm, shapely thighs, leans her beautiful face in and sinks her teeth into the young flesh. A startled Katrina wakes and we're soon into a wild brawl where each lady tries to out bite the other. Katrina's top is ripped off then Hollywood knocks her out and proceeds to pull up her helpless victim's skirt so she can start high on Katrina's thigh — she bites her way down the supple thigh till the pain finally wakes her victim and the tables. Katrina now pulls Hollywood's top off and starts the pay back with some flesh ripping of her own. Two such fabulous bodies sliding over each other in a wild attempt to chew on each others young flesh. At one point they each have their faces in each others thighs and as each grips the others firm ass as they dig their teeth in — over and over these beautiful bodies are ravaged, who can take the most pain, who can deliver the most? A wild brawl that culminates with a surprise ending that explains the motive behind all this savage destruction.


NEXT WE FIND the ever popular Francesca asleep in bed when Gasae bursts in and in a rage lets the sleeping princess know she didn't put gas in the car causing Gasae to run out. Francesca's unconcerned attitude produces a challenge but before Francesca can get her clothes off Gasae leaps on her and begins a brutal choke that dangles Francesca's head over the bed, she then tuns her rage on her foe's limbs bending them to tortuous positions. Then the slugging starts and it's some of the hardest slugging we've seen in a long time, Gasae pulls her arm way back and brings all her force down on Francesca's firm belly — the bed shakes from these earthquake blows. But this isn't enough no, she stands her victim up on the bed and throws her to the wall where she continues her gut busting blows causing Francesca's firm breasts to quiver from the shattering vibrations. A destroyed Francesca finally slumps to the bed but Gasae is by no means finished — more blows and some merciless choking as only an angry beauty like Gasae can deliver. Yes, some real fabulous indoor action with these two super matches.