1 hour — $59.95


IT IS OUR EXTREME pleasure to welcome back one of the must beautiful ladies to ever grace a canvas, the blonde British bombshell, Yvonne. We open as Yvonne is exercising in the ring, wearing tennis shoes and a tight-fitting one-piece that reveals her bulging cleavage. It's cut high on the hips, showing off her shapely, strong legs. Mia enters wearing a bikini top, and white bottoms with white nylons. The ladies are getting ready to lead their respective aerobics classes, but soon a little taunting turns into a challenge and our battlers are straining to wrap their beautiful gams around each other and squeeze the life out. From scissors to leg contortions, their shapely buttocks strain, first to apply torturous pain, then to avoid it. Now they attack other parts of the body, but they always come back to the lower half. They use these dangerous appendages to squeeze every inch of their foe — neck, breast, and even one set of legs wrapped around her opponent and constricting — one set of gams strains to pain while the other set of beautiful legs writhes in pain. On and on these super femmes battle till one can barely crawl to the ropes and then with an exhaustingly gallant effort she pulls herself up but only to find her final destruction waiting to rain down on her. How can such beautiful, sleek appendages become such lethal weapons?


BUT THE BODY has two other appendages that can deliver lethal attacks with enormous devastation and our second match shows this only too well. Sweet, innocent Tara, the young innocent beauty that seems to have captured so many, makes the fatal mistake of trying to use the ring while the lover of destruction occupies it. Raven's dark eyes flash as a sadistic smite crosses her face. She turns her shapely body to Tara and we know there's going to be trouble. Innocent Tara starts to take off her shirt when the evil Raven pounces on her — tying the shirt in a knot over her head ,exposing her sleek vulnerable midsection — and the destruction begins. Raven throws her torturous slugs into Tara's firm, young stomach. Blinded and defenseless, poor Tara struggles in vain but can only muster cries of pain. Overcome by the pain, Tara slumps to the canvas, which only offers her destroyer another opportunity to attack her already battered midsection — Raven backs up, then leaps on her victim's gut. On and on comes the pain from kicks, slugs, elbows, and then the devilish Raven prepares for her new destructive creation. The pain has our sweet, young beauty draped over the ropes, unable to avoid her inevitable doom. In a rage, Raven delivers this torturous killer blow. Gut destruction to the max!!!!!!