1 hour — $59.95


AND WHEN YOU'RE TALKING breasts, one bountiful beauty always comes to mind — her dangerous curves start at her mammoth, mammary mounds and work their way down her long winding torso — this can be non other than the breast queen herself, Julie DC. Across the ring stands a beautiful veteran who backs down from nobody, the luscious Christine. Insults start immediately making it very apparent there's no love lost here, the verbal attacks are aimed at the breasts. The insults escalate as each lady aims her venom at her foes feminine chest. It's no wonder when this one gets going that the breasts are the focus of destruction. With death grips on each others feminine flesh they strain to see who can take the most torture. Up close we see their bent, twisted and contorted nipples and feel the pain they inflict on each other. But this is only the beginning, yes this is a breast battle that is only dwarfed by the huge amounts of pain these ladies can bear. Rolling across the mat, from corner to comer they dig their claws in and try to rip these fleshy mounds off. A few savage slugs between the legs turn the tide but it isn't long and they're back to punching the breasts. These are defiantly two of the best, and can they both talk a good game, but not just talk, no, these ladies put their breasts where their mouths are and boy is it painful. Breast destruction at it's ultimate!


BUT WHEN YOU NAME a tape BREAST TO BREAST, well your second match better also live up to that title. IT DOES! Quisha runs into the back yard attacking Katrina for talking behind her back, and soon we have two more beauties trying to tear each other's breasts off. Katrina is quickly becoming one of our new superstars and it's easy to see why, not only does she have an unbelievable body but she can really get down and fight, as Quisha quickly finds out. Needless to say when two ladies have such large and beautiful breasts as these two they become targets for destruction, slugged, pinched, squeezed between legs and savagely pressed to the ropes. But don't think just the chest is destroyed, by no means — every part of the body takes a beating in this brutal battle. What a sight, two voluptuous, strong ladies in a wild battle where both find all parts of their bodies in pain. Finally one battler takes control and rains total destruction on her foe culminating with a series of head slams to the apron of the ring that leaves her victim dazed and bloody. Now this might be enough of a victory for some but not this winner, no she ties her victim to the ropes and again attacks the helpless body ending with a long savage attack, you guessed it, on those shapely, soft, defenseless breasts — it's more than she can bear. BREAST TO BREAST — a real tribute to four incredible warriors that have the guts and the mammaries to go BREAST TO BREAST!!!!