85 minutes — $59.95


IT'S TIME! Yes, the talented and beautiful Nina has finally earned her shot at the title, but the veteran Julie is in no hurry to relinquish her hard-earned belt of honor. Mia is the ref for this two out of three fall match and both ladies are ready to go for broke. With a few wild throws and some savage blows it is soon quite apparent that this title means a lot to both these ladies. It's a long and hard match as neither gorgeous veteran wants to give, and although the ref warned them to stay clear of the dirty stuff it does seem to drift in a bit All the holds, throws and blows to their most pinfull limit — but the one who wins is the one who comes up with a wild new hold that scares the hell out of her rival. A hold that is truly worthy of a champion. A fabulous match like this would be more than enough by it's self but this tape is by no means over, no we have another super contest between two of the meanest beauties.


BOTH JILL AND KIMBERLY have curvaceous, muscular legs and they decide to see whose are the strongest, quickest and most adept at dishing out pain. Mia decides on a unique way to start out this match between these two arch rivals. Indian leg-wrestling, best of three. On their backs their shapely gams go up, then smash together and strain for dominance. Finishing this skirmish only starts a long and fabulous war as an instant leg scissors is applied. Oh these ladies do other things in the match, but they're soon back to the lower half and with some of the most unique holds and positions of pain we've seen in a long time — a true joy to watch these ladies work their way in and through these leg tortures. Yes, these beauties surprise everyone with the lengths to which they'd go to get a leg up and it doesn't matter how much you're into legs or leg holds — this is just one super match. Together these two matches make this one of the best — a truly fabulous pro-style tape.