1 hour + — $59.95


HEAD TO HEAD, toe to toe that's the way they had to go, yes two of everyone's favorites are ready to find out whose the best even if it takes a killer match to do it. She came all the way back from Europe for this test of destruction, none other than that super dynamo, that compact bundle of beauty, talent and attitude — the one and only TINA . Yes she flew in for a few days just to get a shot at the lady she most wants to destroy, yes our European hell cat wants another shot at that sweet, blond, midwestern beauty the lady that grew up where wrestling is an art form — Iowa. That's right Fight Babe Robin and Tina are ready to give you what only real super stars can bring to a ring — excitement! Even their opening verbal battle is a joy, yes these are two ladies that love to fight with everything they have, mouths, arms legs, fists you name it they'll use it, which probably accounts for the diverse challenge — not just multi fall but multi style, yes the loser of each fall gets to pick weather they box or wrestle. Fall after fall after fall these amazing warriors go for blood, literally, yes red stains bespeckle the canvas as the life juices of these battlers are smashed out of them. Neither the brutality nor the length of this war slows down the tough talk of these cocky ladies. These two are just fun to watch, from the amazing positions they roll into to their incredible strength — right from the beginning Robin lifts Tina over her head but Tina smartly wraps her strong legs around Robin's head and rolls her to the mat where Robin turns that roll over on Tina and ends up sitting on her face. These toughies won't even keep the gloves on when they box , no they end up bare fisted and bent on destruction. Head to head these super ladies bring real fun and excitement — and it's so good to have Tina back again even if it is for only one match. Some companies would be overjoyed to just sell one long super match like this on a tape but just to reaffirm to you that DT is vastly ahead of those little guys out there we're bringing you a second match that is also a monumental head to head match up.


ONE OF DT'S most popular superstars, the voluptuous destroyer, Marjone, welcomes a lady who will definitely be a popular regular to the Double Trouble team — she's tall, blond, gorgeous, and one of the best grapplers to ever step into a ring, the one and only, Hollywood. Two of the most popular titans of female combat go head to head, the blond vs. the brunette — one of the ultimate classic battles. I could go on and on about the fabulous action in this match but it's completely unnecessary because you've seen one, maybe both of these ladies before and you know that two of the most beautiful, popular, and talented ladies of combat go head to head — it can be nothing but fabulous! DT is proud to again set the standard.