1 hour — $59.95


BRANDY IS IN THE RING with a new girl she knows from down in Orange county, Monica. She welcomes the busty brown beauty to the team then offers to work with her on a few moves but she gets a little too rough with one of the holds and Monica voices her displeasure which brings her buddy Jill to the rescue. Now Jill goes after Brandy which brings Nina to her sisters aid and then Mia is needed to break it all up but not before a tag match is set up with Bobbie as the ref. The Walter sisters (Nina and Brandy) are two striking beauties that love to wrestle so they welcome the chance to join forces to destroy a common foe.
Of course their foes are anything but common, Jill has become one of the tougher grapplers and this new Monica looks like she can hold her own. It's a great combination as Jill's cute face hides a mean temper that backed by her bigger boned body make her the head hunter for the team yet on the other side Nina's super model looks and figure belie one of the meanest, some say dirtiest, pro wrestlers around. Now Brandy and Monica are supposed to be the younger kinder sides of their teams and while they are younger sometimes it seems some of the mean from their counterparts is coming through as these two also seem to be going for blood. It's a two out of three fall match which ensures us a marathon of great throws and holds that turns into wild brawl that even the ref can't control, so it's left up to the toughest to remain standing. Friends vs. sisters — get ready to rumble because this one is personal.