1 hour — $59.95


Fight Babe Robin in her patriotic American flag bikini opens the video with a message to her boyfriend, John telling him how she's going to destroy her rival — the beautiful black and Asian beauty , Solvang, who shows up in her skin-tight purple outfit and black silk stocking that hug tightly to her firm brown thighs. We soon hear this exotic beauty talk a tough fight, but can she deliver in the ring. She answers this when she grabs sweet Robin's golden locks and drags her into the ring where she rips the flag from her chest then proceeds to ravage Robin's vulnerable milky white breasts and works her way down to beat on that firm midsection, but she's by no means done — no she goes even lower. Yes Robin's tender crotch gets complete destruction as kicks and slugs are bombed at poor Robin. But this is Fight Babe Robin, a lady not easily beaten, and our brown bomber soon finds her top pulled up revealing her firm round breasts and on the receiving end of the punishment. But hold on this is by no means over as Solvang is built for destruction and most definitely a welcome addition to the DT team. There's a lot of sore body parts from this one mainly a battered crotch that most assuredly wasn't ready to welcome John.


NEXT WE HAVE the sleek, petite beauty Alex training in the ring with Mia and showing her flexibility when Bobbie shows up and feeling threatened by this stretchy new beauty she forces a fight that will show who can contort who the most. They start out with a best two out of three fall leg wrestling contest then on to wild and wonderful match with two contrasting beauties — Alex, long brown hair and Bobbie with the short blond cut. But they have one thing in common — they both have flexible bodies and we soon find out just how flexible as they put each other in every contorted position they can think of. Beautiful long legs pulled and twisted into unbelievable places. What fun watching these beauties really go for some pulled muscles. Two purely entertaining matches.