1 hour — $59.95


THE BEAUTIFUL KIMBERLY is in the ring stretching and as she reveals her flexibility the Burbank bomber strolls in and seeing this young, flexible beauty makes her want to break her back but Kim is ready and starts out getting the best of things. But it doesn't take long for the old veteran to come back and I do mean back as Shelly puts Kim in a reverse headlock and bends her back over her knee and this is just the beginning of a series of tortuous holds that strains Kimberly's back to the breaking point causing her delicate milky white skin to stretch tight across her firm stomach. Ripping Kim's top off seems to make Shelly even more creative with her contorted breakers, like that very long breast to breast bear hug where Kimberly eventually is forced over backwards into a painful bridge that seems to be the end but Kim isn't ready to quit and we have many more positions of pain ending with the victim hung backwards over the rope unable to move.


IN THE NEXT MATCH we find the gorgeous Kimberly in her high heels and short velvet red dress, she sits on the apron of the ring and slowly takes off her nylons, puts her heels back on and slowly strokes her long muscular gams. Then Julie strolls up in her short skirt, black nylons and heels. Without a word she sits next to Kim and proceeds to slowly take off her nylons and stroke her legs, now both ladies stroke and compare their curvacious legs. Then still in their hells they saunter to their corners then slowly they shed their clothes till only g-strings and heels remain. Still in those sexy heels Kimberly uses her strong legs to put a Julie in a excruciating leg scissors then straddles her but Julie uses Kim's blond hair as a weapon as she pulls it back forcing Kim to become a match book. Now in control Julie puts Kimberly into more of those sexy back-breakers where Kim's sexy legs are forced to extend and strain in pain. Julie vows to make her victim's head touch her toes and between holds she kicks and slugs her foe around the ring. The winner ends up back in her heels with her victorious leg on her victim who is stuck in her final painful contortion. Struggles that produce positions of painful elegance for your ultimate viewing pleasure.