1 hour — $59.95


BOBBIE IS IN THE RING exercising her stomach when Francesca enters and tells her how weak her midsection really is. Leaping to her feet in anger Bobbie insists Francesca has the flabby middle and in her anger Bobbie then slams a punch to Francesca's unprotected gut. In a rage Bobbie drives her foe to the corner pummeling her stomach all the way, once cornered Francesca becomes the meat for this hungry feline. The gut is the only target and Bobbie's fists become bombs exploding on the soft brown skin of poor Francesca — over and over she destroys this midsection till Francesca finally slumps to the canvas. Preoccupied with her gloating, Bobbie doesn't know Francesca's buddy Christine is sneaking up behind her till she feels that first fist fly deep into her belly. Turn-around being only fair she attacks Bobbie's gut, but she doesn't stop there no, she wakes her pal up so they can both work over Bobbie's tummy together. In every way shape and form the ravage Bobbie's tight middle and when it seems like there's no other path to destruction they come up with a fiendish plan for total gut demolition. Poor Bobbie wakes up to find herself out of the ring and her stomach in a most vulnerable position — then comes annihilation — total gut destruction!


NOT JUST GREAT gut destruction but total destruction, that's what's in store for you in our next offering as Francesca finds herself faced with a cocky young newcomer. But what a newcomer, yes Tara is a young dark-haired beauty who surprises Francesca with her brashness and her right cross. The mistake our new young hard-body makes is letting Francesca get her composure back as she is now one angry lady bent on revenge. And revenge takes the shape of ten periods of destruction — slugs, chokes, smothers, all types of destruction rain down on this sweet beauty. Why Francesca even strips Tara nude to add insult to all the injuries. Over the ropes Francesca hangs Tara's sleek figure then wakes her up with some cold water. As the drops run down her defeated nakedness Tara pleads for a finish but Francesca is never one to rush a good time, no she proceeds with more vicious gut slugs. More and more blows to the belly causing all of Tara's naked body to shake — maybe it's the nakedness but something makes these blows seem so much more destructive. Tara looks to be one fabulous new combatant and we're sure you'll want to see a lot more of her. If you like gut slugs, then here's two matches of total destruction for total viewing pleasure.