45 minutes — $59.95


WE START OUT with the gorgeous Franchesca sitting behind her desk as Gary the delivery man brings in her package and seeing this sexy lady in her classy business clothes is more than he can handle. Now Franchesca wants nothing to do with this guy but he just won't take no for an answer so finally she proposed a wrestling challenge to get rid of him and Gary is only too happy to oblige. As a lustful Gary watches Franchesca slowly strips to her fighting black longeraie. Then with a painful surprise she sends Gary to the floor, as he agonizes in pain she takes her lacy bra off and wraps it around his neck then begins the destruction. She beats and smothers him with her breasts, chokes and slugs then applies a killer figure four. This is a lady determined to have her way and her way is oh so painful — a great look at a female who enjoys male destruction.


NEXT WE OFFER one of the best mixed matches we've ever seen. Super Sandy one of the best female fighters of all time takes on an experienced male wrestler, Scott. Sandy in her classy one piece suit moves next to Scott and it is very apparent she's giving up a lot of size, but that never bothers Sandy — no she's as game as they come. This is one action packed match, full of pain from fabulous throws, holds, and blows that you'll feel right through the screen. Size and skill start to wear down our tough busty blond but there's no give in this lady, more pain than we could but still no retreat and it's fabulous right up to the wild ending. These are two of the best going at it with everything they've got and that's more than enough to make this one of the all time great mixed matches offered in a ring — fabulous! A must tape for all mixed fans and even for those that aren't.