1 hour — $59.95


MIA AND JULIE are sitting outside at the picnic table when they start arguing about the past; who won the most matches, their relationship, old traditions — things that put Julie into a raging attack that leaves Mia stunned. Then Julie tells her how she's going to not only destroy her old friend but hang her out to dry then brand her, with this she rams poor Mia's head into the door till it bashes through to the inside. Once inside Julie goes from affectionate to destruction — from savage slugs in the gut to sensuous stroking — from knockout to tongue licking — choking to kisses. Mia is thrown backwards over the couch where her head is put in a leg vise while her body is destroyed, then back outside where she's stuffed in a plant while Julie wields thunderous kicks to Mia's midsection. And of course Julie has not forgotten, no she hangs poor Mia out to dry and after a final killer gut slug she brands her victim — that is after she strips her nude.


NEXT WE HAVE Franchesca and Gasae deciding to square off on each other and Franchesca starts off with a bomb to Gasae's tummy and proceeds to destroy but sneaky Gasae starts talking and ends up raining blows to Francesca's gut but once Gasae's in control she never lets her victim anywhere near a comeback. Merciless, she destroys with slugs and killer sleeper holds, but that is only the beginning because after the destruction comes the degradation, the control. She ropes and rides the defeated beauty — drags her back from her getaway and treats her like a slave, a dog and so much more as she forces her to do all her humiliating bidding or be whipped. She forces her to kiss her all over and to do so much more — yes it goes way, way beyond destruction! The tape ends with an interview of a great new young beauty Tara.