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WHEN LAST WE LEFT Katrina in tape #312 she and Mia were topless and lifeless in the ring, we pick up now as she slowly crawls away pausing only to notice Mia has left. With each crawling step her beautiful breasts sway as gravity strains at her firm bulging flesh, her lean muscles flex as she slowly regains her strength. But strength doesn't come fast enough as raging Raven comes back to the ring to get more revenge on Katrina for ganging up on her with Mia. Now Katrina is not just a beauty, no she's a toughie too so she sucks it up and welcomes the chance to get it on. And get it on they do — from breast attacks to slugs and kicks they work toward destruction. Raven is wilder and meaner than usual and that's really saying something, and Katrina is definitely destined to be one of our new superstars. Why Katrina may even rival the quick success of her gorgeous friend Marjone as both ladies were trained by and went on wrestling tours with the one and only — Sandy.


SPEAKING OF MARJONE, she just happens to be taking on the beautiful Candi in our next match. Candi with the face of a model and the long golden locks of a Breck girl was recently teamed up with the busty, tan sex pistol, Marjone in a tag team match that went to Europe for cable. They are both topless in the ring later in the day after that match and an argument ensues and being the feisty felines they are it becomes a continuation of the violence and destruction they had earlier dealt with. Now the past has taught us that these two beauties can give as well as take and against each other they let it all out, bites, throws, punches, holds and they even find tickling can be a weapon of torture. They start out topless which seems so befitting as the match ends with a long, excruciating breast smother that leaves both the victim and the viewer breathless. Four fabulous gladiators make this another great feature of female combat.