1 hour — $59.95


HOW ABOUT A PRO-STYLE tape with four of the best and when we're talking about the best we have to include those Walter sisters, Nina and Mia are with out a doubt two of the great ones so what better than to see these sisters take on each other. This is an all time classic match where Nina first decided to go pro style and to start out with her accomplished sister. From this first match we see what we came to love from our tall lean beauty as Nina comes out hard surprising her sister, taking control she kicks her sister out of the ring then kicks her in the chest as she tries to climb back in. But you can't hold down the great Mia for long and she is soon flipping her sibling from corner to corner. A great back and forth match till finally one Walter sister takes control and inflicts some match-stopping destruction.


NOT ONLY GREAT, but as much fun to watch as any two ladies that ever split the ropes, that's Julie and Franchesca. Yes it's a great match-up — both are spunky, quick and adept at the moves, providing us with throws and holds by two of the sexiest grappler of all. Yes these two beauties always come ready to fight , from Julie's excruciating arm bar to Franchesca's vicious scissors — we always get a great show when these fabulous ladies are involved. Four greats equal one great tape of pro style action.