1 hour + — $59.95


NEW, TALL, LEAN and beautiful, Barbie is thrust in with one of the best, Marjone. While she may be new to us, she most definitely isn't new to fighting, a real young toughie who loves to use her fists. But taking on the feisty Marjone is always a task, even more so when it becomes a slugfest because Marjone is an accomplished boxer. Beautiful, buxom Barbie has done her fighting in the streets and it shows as she is able to take as well as give. Yes this match starts out wrestling but ends up as a slugfest, once the challenge is made both ladies bring their fists up and never put them down. Each battler takes turns cornering her victim then battering the midsection with rib crushing blows, but they don't stop there. Both of these beauties are endowed with beautiful well shaped breasts and they soon also become the targets of this bare knuckled fury. This match soon comes down to which lady can take the most blows as each dishes out her share — even the big knock out blows are delivered from these determined brawlers. So many blows to such beautiful bodies — such pain, such destruction, breasts and stomachs red and battered. No gloves to blunt the force of these fists as two fabulous females deliver with a multitude of magnificent SLUGS GALORE!


AFTER THAT ONE you may not be able to handle more slugs but here they come any way and brought to you by two of the best punchers in the business. Christine and Raven are so evenly matched we knew we were in for a real donnybrook, but nobody could have anticipated the damage these ladies let loose on each other. They start out topless which just provides them with more targets, yes everything is fair game for these sluggers; breasts, stomach, crotch and head all are worked over and not just by their power filled fists but their sleek shapely legs also become deadly weapons as this is a kick boxing match. That's right kick boxing and these are two of the best female kick boxers around and you won't doubt it after you see them go at it. Their luscious breasts are smashed and battered, midsections beaten to a red fleshy pulp, then all these parts are kicked and kneed and eventually they go head hunting for some ultimate destruction. The only thing better than how many blows these ladies deliver is how many they can take, it is truly amazing. A new beauty that came ready to fight and three gorgeous veteran toughies, all throwing more blows than have ever been delivered on one tape make this one smashing with a multitude of SLUGS GALORE !!!!!!!