45 minutes — $59.95


A TAPE FOR THOSE who like a little soul with their sole. Christine starts us out as she tells us how she's going to destroy Nina, then gives us some vitals including shoe size. Then Nina says what she thinks of Christine and the fight ensues, it's a good even match until one finds her opponents weakness, ticklish feet and then zeros in on the foot torture. But the victim escapes and the fight continues, great blows and throws till finally the shoe's on the other foot and the once victim is now savaging her foes feet. Back and forth it rages until finally only two feet are left standing and this victor has a long humiliating finish planned for the looser and her feet, and plead as she might, all her begging falls on deaf ears as she is forced to endure.


OUR NEXT SEGMENT sports a very unusual trap perpetrated by Julie as she invites Gasae over for an audition. Julie finds Gasae's weakness then springs her trap. With feet and hands bound Gasae can only moan through her torture as vengeful Julie goes to work on Gasae's weakness, her sensitive feet. Over and over she piles on the sole torture, but the shoe finally finds the other foot and the victim becomes the torturer with her own brand of foot destruction. And again we find our victor has another great humiliating ending prepared for her foe, as again the feet are the subject of the final disgrace.