70 minutes — $59.95


YES! SHE'S BACK and with her usual flair - that tough, red headed beauty with the muscles, Spice. Back and fighting in a very different type match. Three wrestlers no teams, only two in the ring at once and they can tag for the third lady when ever they want. And who are her other two rivals - the magnificent Marjone and the buxom Quisha. We start with an interview with Quisha where she tells us what she expects and fears in the upcoming match, she also explains how her large breasts may be used against her. Now to the ring where these three exceptional gladiators are introduced. Marjone and Quisha are first in the ring and it doesn't take these bountiful breasted beauties long to get it on. Their skill in the art of wrestling is very apparent as they throw each other around the ring, how can those luscious female figures take such incredibly hard slams to the mat. Yet skilled as they are as grapplers they continue to fall back to the primitive instincts of their other great skill - cat fighting, with all its gut slugs and breast destruction. Soon Spice is tagged in and it's quickly apparent she still has it , the power and the skill to take destruction up to a new painful plateau, she even shows some of her cat instincts as she takes Marjone's top off and uses it to choke her. But the two bare-breasted battlers start tagging each other in wearing down the brutal one then going in for the kill only to find a worn Spice tagging out just in time. Never have we heard the sounds of pain so loud, the ring seems to scream in pain as these beautiful bodied projectiles strike it from corner to corner. All the right moves for destruction, from over head throws to fleshy breast mauling until finally we are left with only one gladiator standing, our glorious and well-deserved victor. This segment ends with Quisha giving another interview, now a little while after the match she reflects back on the action and destruction.


OUR NEXT MATCH finds Jill getting angry at Mia for how she refed Jills last match. Being called a cheater brings Mia to a boil and soon the ladies going to it, but Nina rushes to the ring and separates the combatants, then decides they should have at it in a match. Both ladies agree and when Mia turns to go to her corner to wait for the start Jill attacks her from behind. Immediately the larger Jill undoes Mia's top and uses it to choke her till Mia collapses to the canvas. Larger and with this early advantage Jill goes to town on poor Mia, but we all know there's a lot of fight in little Mia and we eventually have a war of wills. Size vs. speed, fueled by anger their topless bodies collide. out of the ring Jill hangs Mia's head over the apron and contorts her legs, as they carry the fight out or the ring. The match is to be decided by which ever battler can't get back into the ring so they both work to destroy their victim then struggle back in. A struggle for destruction is the only way to end such a fabulous tape.