1 hour + — $59.95


THAT'S RIGHT, we're all the way up to number six and it proves to be just as dominant and destructive as the rest, if not more so. We start off as buxom Doreen and Mia sit on the sofa discussing how the beautiful sleek Cindy has been steeling, they are interrupted by the culprit herself and soon both ladies are ganging up on poor Cindy. Mia shows Doreen the torturous lick smother and soon both women are licking their hands and muffling Cindy's cries of anguish as they force their hands over her face. Over and over they persist, but eventually the tables turn and one of the destroyers becomes the victim of a vengeful saliva attack that renders her — destroyed.


NEW SETTING, new beauties — Marjone and Candi. They are also discussing one of their friends who needs to be taught a lesson. And soon, sweet Susie enters, only to be attacked by her angry friends. Savagely they destroy their victim ganging up on her body till she weakens, then they tie her up with their tops and start the dreaded lick smother ritual. On and on they continue, but again we find a role reversal as our victim gets to lick smother her revenge. It's a tape of dominance, one sided action that focuses primarily on the lick smother — but if it's your cup of tee, than this is the brew for you — hot, wet and catered by six topless beauties.