1 hour — $59.95


IN OUR NEVER-ENDING quest to bring you the wildest action with the most beautiful girls we introduce Katrina, a busty firm beauty who is sure to become a real favorite. This gorgeous newcomer dons the skimpy referee outfit to keep the peace in a wild multi fall match between vengeful rivals, Mia and Raven. We start out in the ring where Katrina desperately tries to talk Mia out of this match, reminding Mia of how brutal Raven was to her the last time they met ; how Raven had wailed on her stomach with both fists and leg scissors, but Katrina decides she'll be there so she doesn't get completely destroyed. Just then the wild one her self enters and proceeds to taunt Mia telling her how she will again destroy her, but Mia tells her she's added some weight and her arms are much stronger. Finally the match starts and our ladies lock fingers overhead to match strength, but strain as she might Mia can not stop the mouthy, strong Raven from slowly forcing her to her knees then lower. Once in control Raven immediately starts her savage onslaught — bouncing hard on Mia's vulnerable midsection with her firm buttocks she forces the life sustaining air from poor Mia, harder and harder she falls then continues the onslaught till Mia whimpers in pain and Katrina tries to count her out . Oh but this will not be enough for our wild torturer, no she pulls Mia up and takes her to a corner where she leaps up wrapping her strong legs around her victims center then snapping the vice shut as she holds the ropes and watches Mia gallantly try to remain standing. Gut slugs from this position prove to be too much as Mia again slowly sinks to the canvas. The beating is savage as Raven continues to destroy Mia's reddened stomach with only a few offensive charges from mauled Mia. Then just as it seems all is lost for poor Mia Katrina pulls off her ref top and attacks Raven from behind. Mia revives and holds Raven while Katrina smothers her with her large, perfectly formed breasts. We now see our newcomer in all her splendid glory as her spectacular, curvaceous body attacks with joyful abandon. Poor Raven hasn't a chance against these two vengeful assailants and eventually Katrina puts her ref top back on and they wake Raven up just enough to hear herself being counted out. Once in her corner a dazed Raven can't figure out what happened. But there's another fall, this battle is far from over and yes Katrina finds herself in the action again as this great match has a pile on finish.


NOW HOW CAN WE top such a great match, we can't, so we'll bottom it. That's right, destruction below deck, that's what Christine has in mind when she takes on Franchesca as she tells us before the start. She wants to revenge something Franchesca did to one of her friends. The ladies talk some trash then the already topless bronze beauty Franchesca stands in the middle of the ring offering to shake as Christine in her short shorts and cowboy boots slowly approaches then in a flash Christine lets loose with a savage kick to her foes vulnerable crotch sending an anguished Franchesca to the canvas. We soon find those boots were made for stomping as Christine uses both toe and heel to torture her victims tender feminine area. On and on, with fist and claw, from every position, with boot and knee — no destruction is left unused. Revenge is sweet and Christine saves desert for the end. Oh it hurts just to watch, ouch, no she's going to do it again. It's one brutal finish! How brutal? Lets have Franchesca tell you in her own detailed words. That's right when Franchesca was finally able to move again we still had to wait quite a while before she could speak. Finally Franchesca gave a long detailed description of what she had to endure. She gives a graphic blow by blow account of where the blows struck her and with what force. She finds herself getting up as she relives the pain, on and on she goes till finally it all brings back too much pain and humiliation for her to endure. Live this battle twice, if you can take it!