1 hour + — $59.95


WHAT A FIND! A group of pro style matches from the summer of 94 had been lost until they were recently uncovered in a mismarked box. What a treat to have these great matches back, and to be able to offer two of them to you on this tape. Mia with her long hair takes on Bobbie for a great match with a lot of great holds but the best is the final one — a duel leg lock that one girl rolls into a submission, it's fabulous. For a while these ladies try to bend each other into pretzels and Bobbie really becomes one. A classic match with great ebb and flow, size against quickness and two beautiful warriors that always come to fight.


IN THE NEXT MATCH spunky Nina takes on blond, southern, Niki. Now Niki has only been seen in one other tape but she proved herself to be a gallant grappler and we're happy to see her again, because she's a tough, southern beauty that came to give Nina a hand full. Yes, in her bright orange one-piece suit Niki cuts quite a figure as she surprises Nina who thought she was in with a cream puff. But we all know Nina never gives up so we know we're in for a rollicking good time. Nina's flowered suit and great wrestling make this another colorful match. Two classic pro battles that add up to one fun filled grappling delight.