50 minutes — $59.95


AND FOR REAL INDOOR treats this tape offers four of your favorite inside wildcats. Gasae and Mia are featured in the first romp. We open with Gasae on the phone as she finds out some pretty horrible things about her buddy Mia, so when Mia bops in all dolled up and ready to go out she is received with a violent welcome. That black party dress is getting more action than Mia had planned. Choked and beaten early it's amazing Mia was able to muster up enough reserve for a come back but come back she does and Gasae is now choked and destroyed till she is out. No, no, don't turn your back on her Mia, too late, Gasae is really out for vengeance now — and we all know there is nobody meaner, or more menacing than this black-haired she-devil. Both ladies are now topless and Gasae is bent on total destruction of poor Mia — from one side of the room to the other she sends Mia through her gauntlet of dominant destruction.


NEXT, TWO OF OUR LUSCIOUS, young, bronze beauties are brought together. Relaxing in her jeans Francesca lies by the fire and reads, when to her dismay Felicia comes in and starts a conversation. From their talk we learn they are in rival sororities where both are vying to be queen, but we aren't sure what that takes. A hard kick in the head soon puts one of our beauties in dreamland and then proceeds to strip her foe till only her white socks and skimpy bottoms remain. She then gets out her branding stamp and we find out what it will take for her to be number one. Eventually the sleeping princess wakens and the tables are turned — savagely she destroys then strips. She doesn't stop, no she wants her revenge. Over and over she destroys — two brown, close to perfect young bodies, one draped over the stool while the other sits on top and works her destruction. Their long brown hair weaves together as their bodies collide. Destroy, destroy, till finally this one puts her mark on and we find out how far she'll go to be number one. She'll go all the way, all the way to dominant destruction!