45 minutes — $59.95


MARVELOUS MARJONE is hard at work in the ring doing pushups when Amazon lady, Julie D.C., strolls in and berates her strength. Not about to take this Marjone challenges her to an arm match, then proves she's not only tough but smart as she tricks D.C. into an excruciating behind the back armlock. We move so close we can feel the pain in her arm and see the pain in her face. And how Marjone loves to see her large, busty foe squirm and cry from the pain as she twists her skin and pulls her arm hairs, but this only makes the pay back worse when our robust vixen gets free. Soon topless both ladies strain to destroy each other with as many arm holds as they can employ. Stretch, pull, twist till one can no longer take the pain.


TIME FOR FOUR new arms, arms ready to prove their power, their capacity for pain. These arms are connected to two beauties; Nicole and Morgan, and we're off on another great arm match. Topless they torment each other with more punishing arm holds — arm bars, arm pulls, bends and you name it they go for it. Get close and feel the agony as these lovely young maidens use the ropes, their legs, bodies — what ever it takes to ravage an arm. Dangerous, yes all these young ladies are most definitely dangerous — ARMED AND DANGEROUS.