45 minutes — $59.95


LET'S GET IT ON — two of our toughest beauties square off to see who lives to brag. Wild German Nicole and curvaceous Marjone start out wrestling, and for the first fifteen minutes we are treated to what these ladies do best, kick ass. The youthful look of our topless warriors belies their experience and toughness, but a little viewing is all it lakes to convince one they wouldn't want to tangle with one of these she cats. But everything changes when Nicole drives Marjone into a corner and slugs her stomach till she folds through the ropes then pulls her bottoms off. Nude, Marjone fights for her pride and then counters with a boxing challenge. Both pugilists start the boxing bout with nothing on but their gloves. Nude, free, they've got it off now they're ready to get it on. Three minute rounds — the lady that can't go on loses, that's it.
The first few rounds they feel each other out but it's very apparent these bare babes know their way around a punch. Eventually the bigger punches start to sneak through as one corners the other the whole of her naked body shakes as the blows pummel her young skin. Then a hard shot to the head sends her to the canvas, but she quickly bounds to her feet — yes these are two tough warriors. Back and forth, it's a give and take, from round to round, from blow to blow, bell to bell, with only a short rest in the corner to revive them. In desperation they pour water over their exposed bodies in a valiant attempt to regain some vigor. The water folds down their heated breasts, over their tortured midsections till the drops can hide in their pubic hair, waiting only for the next hard blow to release them. And that blow is soon rendered, a hard strike sprays our drops free from it's naked home. Tough but nut invincible — the blows take their toll, too much punishment, too much pain. Longer, more, too much, too much, till finally one can't go on. One bare warrior lies vanquished on the canvas. They got it off to get it on, and you'll love it because these beautiful toughies really do get it on!