40 minutes — $59.95


FIRST THE SHAKE UP and this one is a true earthquake of fun. Part of the fun is that we get to welcome back one of our most vivacious ladies, Kristy with her infectious smile, long curly locks and curvy stout body. Kristy shows up with a secret weapon - no ordinary weapon, no this is both extremely amazing and entertaining. We open with Kristy talking to a man she wants. She lets him know she has asked his girl friend over and has a devastating weapon waiting for her. The man takes off and soon Julie storms through the door with blood in her eyes for the woman that wants her man. Wild with rage Julie goes right for the kill as she ends up behind Kristy determined to choke the life out of her. Kristy gags but wait is that a smile? She bends over pulling Julie up over her full rounded buttocks, then with a gleeful smile Kristy hikes up her dress revealing her panty hose and WHAM, suddenly we hear a vibrating noise as Julie shakes uncontrollably. Yes Kristy's wild vibrating panty hose are sucking the energy out of her victim. Eventually Kristy releases her lifeless foe and the bewildered Julie crumbles to the floor. But rage has a way of replenishing energy and Julie is soon waging another campaign of vengeance. They fight — Julie takes control and redies for destruction but wait, Kristy again manuevers her pantyhosed rear into Julie and ZAP! Those vibrating nylon weapons go to work, with joyful laughter Kristy grinds her destructive thighs into her convulsing victim. But don't you dare think this amazing battle is by any means over, yes sir there's a lot of fightin' and shakin' left in these two wild beauties. Wild original tons of fun and that's just the shakeup.


SO GET READY for the super hero, another original romp of fun. We open with Bobbie in her skimpy white shorts and thigh high white silk stockings as she exercises, so intent on her workout she doesn't notice the thief sneaking through the door and up behind her. Suddenly Bobbie hears, turns, sees and then charges — head down like a bull she rams thc masked thief and a fight ensues. The robust, buxom, blond thief eventually subdues Bobbie and we watch as her high black cowboy boots filled with her creamy shapely legs stroll off to annother room. A lifeless Bobbie lays on the carpet when the door is flung open and a masked caped goddess glides in. The mask can't hide her beauty and the cape only accentuates her perfect brown body. Soon our feminine hero confronts the villain and in their battle both masks are ripped off revealing Morgan to be the thief and Felicia to be our caped crusader. All three ladies intertwine as this fabulous fantasy unfolds. Three breathtaking ladies, wildly clad, doing battle, — close your eyes and you'll feel the breeze from her cape or the brush of her long brown curls as they whisk by — close your eyes and take the wild ride.