45 minutes — $59.95


YES KIMBERLY IS BACK and she has the back ache to prove it. Yes we're back with another of those artistic, sexy back destruction matches. We open on the ring as a beautiful pair of full, very shapely high heeled legs strut through the ropes. The camera slowly drifts up these sturdy white gams to a tight black mini skirt that strains from the pressure of a well developed, curvaceous behind that struggles for freedom with each uplifting high heeled step. From this bound black wrap we move up to see Kimberly, topless as she struts in only her heels and skirt till a new set of legs break through the ropes, the large muscles bulge as the spiked heels force the legs to contort. We soon find the owner of these athletic wheels is Raven, also clad only in a short skirt. They size each other up as they stroll around the ring, then to a verbal joust that leads to the war. No one sided battle here, no these ladies are evenly matched both in size and mouth. Back and forth they wrestle till one gets her opponent in a position that allows her to perform a painful back breaker. Heels fly, skirts are ripped off and backs are bent in dangerously, hurtful contortions, but as their beautiful, shapely legs are extended from the pain they almost seem to freeze in moments of sensual elegance. Then back to the action as they squeeze breasts or do what ever it takes to again catfight their way back to the contortions of pain and beauty.


AND SINCE ONE is never enough our second match backs Kimberly in against a new sleek beauty. Well new to us but by no means new to combat, yes the perky Gidget is no newcomer to female combat. Again we find our ladies in tight skirts and high heels. and again their mouths lead them to battle. Both ladies strip in their corners then to the center where Kimberly surprises Gidget, then performs the first painful stretch. But remember this sleek new beauty has had years of experience, yes Gidget comes back, back to enjoy her own tortuous back bending. Till one finally submits and is forced back into a final humiliating back bend where her mouth is a retriever at the whim of the victor. Back by popular destruction!