1 hour — $59.95


WHAT BETTER FOR a breast battle than four of the largest fleshy mounds seen in the ring? Quisha and Sandy are the owners of these fleshy handles of joy and destruction. They start out modeling bras for some prospective buyers but end up challenging each other to a breast battle in the ring. And you know what a battle these two can wage, as seen by the volume buying of Tape #292, where these warriors put on one of the all time great battles. The difference this time is that they have a mammary focus — they aim to destroy each others breasts, and do just about everything possible in the process. Gouge, bite, slug, squeeze, fall on, bear hug, chest slam, scissors — you name it they go for it. Painful to watch, these never-say-die ladies attack their vulnerable, huge, feminine mounds of pleasure and pain — a battle that comes down to who can take the most punishment. Two greats, or more like four greats, that won't let you down!


BUT DON'T THINK this tape is finished attacking chests — not if Christine and Bobbie have anything to say about it — no sir, these ladies also have mammary assaults on the mind. We start outside on a beautiful California afternoon as Bobbie, a local cheerleader for a pro team, is practicing one of her cheers. Christine approaches and soon lets Bobbie know how inadequate her cheering is. You guessed it: a fight breaks out and Bobbie gains the upper hand early and maintains it long enough to subdue Christine. When Christine comes to, she races to the living room where she finds Bobbie lounging topless on the couch. A challenge of strength is proposed and the ladies decide to arm wrestle. But before they do, Bobbie asks Christine if she should put her top on as her beautiful breasts might be too much of a distraction for her. This infuriates Christine so much, she takes off her own top and our bare-breasted warriors clasp hands. Soon their biceps flex and their nipples harden as they strain to pull their opponents arm through the table. They have to arm wrestle three times before a winner is decided, so she becomes very jubilant and dances on the table. This gloating, along with all the early breast remarks soon gives us another full-on breast battle. Again, we have two wild warriors trying everything to rip off their glorious badges of femininity. More and more mammary destruction — how much can these ladies take? How much can you take?! So if you like beautiful women, beautiful breasts and savage destruction — then this is the tape for you!