1 hour — $59.95


THREE OF THE BEST ragers are in this first match as Bobbie, angry at Mia for their last tag bout tells her how everyone says that her stomach is not only the most beautiful but the toughest and that Mia is soft. They slug themselves to prove their toughness then take turns slugging each other first in the stomach then in the crotch, finally taking to the ring but not before they decide that the winner gets five minutes to do anything she wants with her destroyed victim. Once in the ring we discover they have selected Francesca to ref and we're off. You guessed it these ladies go right for the midsection then to the crotch to see who can withstand the endless blows of destruction. Needless to say with two tough experienced grapplers like these the battle rages back and forth as each hands out multiple blows of damage to her opponent's stomach and crotch — like two meat tenderizers they hammer away at these now tender cuts of grade A prime flesh. In this rage the breasts are also brought in for their round of destruction and even the ref isn't immune to this raging destruction. But finally we have a winner and she deliciously wakes up her defeated now groggy opponent only to remind her of the five minutes of destruction yet to be rained down. And off we go to total annihilation — even to the point of stripping her vanquished foe nude so she can better destroy her vulnerable areas until she withers from the pain and lays crumbled in destruction. It would seem to be the end but as Francesca goes to dress our nude victim she some how finds herself in a two against one destruction triangle and off we go again. Now how can we possibly top this one?!


WELL TO COME CLOSE we take two of our most gorgeous youthful contrasting ladies and put them in a multi-fall match. The stunning Marjone jet black hair dark skin fabulous body and tough attitude have made her one of our top ladies but Kelly with her delicate milky skin curvy figure and youthful girl next door demeanor has also become a favorite. What a great match up — they both enter the ring in robes and doffing these garments leads to instant pleasure as they are topless and their beautiful naked chests are adorned with their bountiful mounds of sacred flesh — anxiously waiting to be pressed into her victim or be crushed by long taloned fingers. And soon these supple breasts are rolling over each other as our young wild cats put on quite a show. From fall to fall their beauty is more pronounced as they stalk and flail, good moves and holds then back to the cat fight. Two of the new greats and it's easy to see why! What a tape!