1 hour — $59.95


"DOWN" IS VERY appropriate for this first escapade, as poor Julie is down and kept down by a very vindictive Christine. The ladies are using different names but we know who they are, and its soon apparent what Christine has up her sleeve. Both ladies come in and strip for the camera and we soon find out a video is being made for Julie's soon-to-be husband. But Christine adds her own twist to this home movie when, after they wrestle, she gets the upper hand and pronounces to the camera and Julie's new husband that she is going to dominate and humiliate his new wife. We learn that she was shunned by this man and its payback time. Julie protests and cries at each step of degradation but Christine forces her to obey. Talking to the camera, Christine leads us through her devious road of dominance, forcing Julie to do whatever she says — even animal sounds aren't out of the question — and ending with her final salute to the new husband with the aid of his soon-to-be new bride.


"DOWN" IS APPROPRIATE for the first part of this tape, and "dirty" is most definitely fitting for the second offering, as is immediately apparent when we see Bobbie on the couch amid a very dirty room. Gasae enters and is soon offended by the pigsty. "Clean it up," she orders, but Bobbie is in no mood to obey. Gasae fumes, then becomes the dominant bitch we know and love. She attacks Bobbie, and once obtaining the upper hand she forces her helpless foe to do as she commands. She rides the beaten Bobbie around the room, forcing her to pick up the trash. When Bobbie rebels, Gasae leaps on her, and when the thrashing is complete, she again forces her to do her bidding — Gasae doing what she does best : dominate. It's down and dirty when these tough ladies decide to control — control all the way to domination.