1 hour — $59.95


SOME SAY SHE'S washed up in the ring, that the only fighting Mia can do is cat fight. But the big Amazon lady Julie D.C. shows up to train with Mia so she must think Mia still has it. Or does she? Soon D.C. gets out of hand and starts really taking it to Mia. Mia is caught off guard by this assault but still fights back. Some times we forget how big D.C. really is but up against the petite Mia it becomes all the more apparent, painfully apparent for poor Mia. D.C. towers over her as they lock up, then she tosses her aside like a toy. A toy is what our game little warrior is becoming — D.C.'s huge, strong legs wrap around her doll then squeeze till she cries, but this only makes her pinch Mia's firm nipples till she cries louder. Of course Mia can't miss finding D.C.'s huge breasts and she tries to squeeze the flesh out of them. Can Mia withstand this attack, can she come back — is she really washed up?


IN OUR NEXT MATCH we find Mia storming in on Marjone who has been saying that Mia is all washed up and you guessed it, they decide to take it to the ring. Never have we seen Marjone so cocky, and Mia quickly finds she's able to back it up. Yes this black haired beauty with her fabulous robust figure is taking it to our hard bodied veteran — you name it they do it and with more flair than usual. Slugs, breast destruction, throws and not just the physical — no poor Mia gets a verbal attack as well. Marjone tells her how bad she is then sets out to show her, and with each hold comes more taunting. Can Mia with stand this complete attack? Can she muster her courage and strength for the big come back? Or is she really through. Will this be the one that breaks her and leaves her sobbing for the old glory days. Is this really MIA'S LAST STAND?