plus bonus third match

1 hour — $59.95

A MAN'S PLACE is under a woman's thumb. Well, not exactly her thumb — more like her fist, and this tape shows two men being put in their place.


OUR FIRST ESCAPADE finds Mia and Gasae when Mark enters the ring to stop Gasae from destroying his beloved Mia, but Gasae thought Mark liked her. Gasae soon turns her rage on Mark, and with one of the most vicious attacks we've ever seen,she sets out to destroy him. This destruction isn't enough and she soon has Mia also putting this man in his place. These aren't soft fake blows — no these are angry women out to destroy a cheating man. They destroy him and then go back at each other. Back and forth these battles rage on till only one lady is left standing. But what happens to our cheating male? Where will his place end up being? One thing is for certain, this is the worst beating we've ever seen a man take. It's real and its painful — from those head scissors to all those brutal gut slugs, this man is destroyed. The ladies do a good job destroying each other too, making this one of the most action-packed mixed matches ever offered.


AND SPEAKING OF destroyed, Andrew is back at it. Yes, Andrew is bothering Marjone at work, and she invites him over for what he thinks is a little fun. It's fun all right, but just for Marjone, as she sets out to gut-slug Andrew into oblivion. Over and over she punches him, till Andrew definitely knows his place and stops harassing women. Men soon know their place with these tough women.

LASTLY ON THIS TAPE we find Mark hasn't quite seen the light as he tries to get Bobbie and Francesca to do a custom match, but he makes it too long and doesn't want to pay. Here we go again. It doesn't last too long, as together these ladies wail on poor Mark. Never have we seen one man go through so much punishment — our women have now taken it to him. These are no sissy punches either. Yes, I think Mark has finally found his place and its both under a woman's thumb and fist. Male destruction at its ultimate!