1 hour — $59.95


WHERE THE CLASSIC WAR ZONE #227 left off this one picks up. Such a pleasure to have these two legends together again. We open with Sandy, topless and seemingly defeated on the mat but Christine soon finds out never to count the tough buxom veteran out, and a new battle rages. This is no ordinary battle it's not just that these ladies go all out but they also go all over and with all. Into the house Sandy goes locking Christine out forcing her to view through the window as Sandy destroys her clothes. Christine gets in just in time to stop sadistic Sandy from tearing up her cherished kick boxing poster, oh no — too late. Furious Christine now goes for blood as she corners Sandy outside where a knife becomes part of their deadly battle. Believe it or not the war ends up back in the ring where they put on the gloves and start to box, raining hard blows down on each other from breast to stomach to crotch until the crack of a bull whip signifies a new tool of destruction. A painful tool as seen by the red welts on their tender flesh. Whip, wrestle, slug, choke what ever it takes and where ever — breasts, crotch, neck, these ladies give it their all as the WAR ZONE has hit a new level of destruction. These are two of the best and they really out do themselves this time.


NO WAY TO TOP this one and we contemplated putting it on a tape by it's self but no lets have some thing more and different. That's just what we have in this second match where we find our rising star young Kelly taking on beautiful Bobbie. A wrestling match with a definite focus, legs. That's right, not only do they use many leg holds but we see lots of their legs. See them wrap their beautiful gams around each other like sleek Boa Constrictors — squeeze and tighten till her victim's legs are seen flailing on the canvas. We see the loose flesh quiver as their legs rhythmically pounds the canvas in a vain attempt to free themselves. A real leg fest and a classic WAR ZONE make this another classic tape of female combat.