Julie and Tina do not seem to care much for Bobbie, and Julie seems to want to show Mia up as well. A little bad blood always helps to spice up a good match but you have to pity poor Francesca as she has to ref this one. They pair off early with Julie and Mia keeping it more legit as Tina and Bobbie seem out to win at all costs. What a treat to watch these veterans go at it. Tina literally climbs up Bobbie's larger body, wrapping her legs around Bobbie's waist. Mia cartwheels into the corner where she wraps her legs around her victim's neck and throws her. This is truly a great match, a match so wild the cameraman had to come in and help break the ladies up. And even when this long wonderful tag is over the bad blood continues as Mia and Bobbie think the ref cheated.


Bobbie goes after Francesca, starting our second match. Francesca challenges Bobbie to a knockdown drag-out affair and even Mia can't talk Bobbie out of this one. Here they are, two wildcats looking for destruction. They don't wait for the starting bell wait for no bell and the mutual hatred is instantly apparent. Water as well as insults are hurled on the way to the final brutal knockdown. This is one of our best ever pro-style tapes with bombastic beauties who go all out for your entertainment.