For those with weak hearts or for anyone who thought there was too much raw sexuality in Tape #288 - do not purchase this one! Now, some of you may say this tape is too short, but those will only be the ones who haven't seen what's packed into this half-hour. First we welcome back one of your favorites. Felicia is back from her long absence in female combat and this tape reveals more of her than you have ever seen before. She is still as gorgeous as ever, but now, with a little more meat on her bones, her firm round rump now rivals Mia's -- and you'll be able to make this comparison yourself since Mia is the second player in this three-girl flesh feast. Rounding off the threesome is a new sleek beauty, Alex, whose low sultry voice is made for long dark nights. As these lovely ladies dress and ready themselves for Alex's bachelorette party, someone slips out with some info on Alex's husband-to-be. It seems like these three ladies have been playing around with each other's boyfriends and it's payback time. They go at each other until all their clothing is torn asunder from their exquisite bodies. Totally nude, they go all out for destruction, which soon turns to attraction as deeper feelings are revealed. First it's light strokes across an unconscious victim, then a kiss to wake her. But as the battle escalates so does the sex - tongues and touching - choking and slugging. On and on until finally... the surprising climax.