OVER ONE HOUR — $59.95


The first match is another great punching battle, with five sleek beauties matching their bare-knuckle prowess. Francesca and Cindy go at it against Mia and Bobbie, with Gasae as the ref -- and the fifth combatant as Gasae often jumps in to throw her own deadly fists into one of the young victims. You may need a scorecard to figure out who's doing what to whom, but the one thing you can count on is that everyone gets to punch and be punched. And we don't mean just a few passing blows; once these bare breasted beauties get going it's like a ring full of hard­knuckled windmills each taking her turn at being Don Quixote. Each lethal lady feels her body quake as the punches are fired mostly to the gut, but by no means is that tender crotch area spared the brutal, battery of blows. Nor are those supple, tender mounds of beautiful chest flesh spared. These pounding bombshells neglect few areas with their punishing punches. Who can give the most? Who can take the most? And who will end up as the last gal standing?


Next we have another torturous arm match. This time buxom Sandy to takes on a new beauty. Nora knows how to wrestle but she's new to our cameras. But the camera loves her at first sight. Maybe it was her curly blonde locks or her vulnerable, youthful innocence, or perhaps it was her lean, strong, curvaceous body. Or maybe it's a combination of all these assets that make her such delicious prospect for the future. But that future will have to wait as Nora will have all she can handle in the present. She still has to get by Sandy. Locked in various excruciating holds the bombastic blondes stretch, twist and pull each other's strong young arms to the limit-- and beyond. They twist each other's skin and pull hard at the arm hairs, taking it to that final act of destruction. It's a baptism of fire for beautiful, sweet Nora.