ONE HOUR — $59.95


As these two tomcats square off with their boxing gloves on, it's obvious that Raven has had a lot more experience as a pugilist‹as poor Mia finds out as she receives a brutal beating to her stomach, chin, and even her crotch. Nothing is sacred as the villainous Raven destroys her smaller foe in every possible way. Even when Mia hits the canvas, raven continues the assault. Only the bell continues to save Mia as the little lady repeatedly crawls back to her corner only to again face the fearsome fury that is Raven. Raven loves this destruction. She feeds on Mia's vulnerability as a vampire feeds on blood. How long before Mia can no longer muster the strength to come back?


Next, Mia and raven go at as wrestlers, where Mia is the more skilled of the two. Raven, however, is bigger and definitely meaner. Mia makes the bog mistake of showing fear- and Raven thrives on fear. Attack is much too mild a word to describe Raven's assault on Mia. This is destruction, total, complete and merciless. Raven is not content to merely destroy Mia's body; she wants to get into Mia's head, to utterly crush her spirit. We keep hoping that Mia will turn things around, but the beating goes on and on and it looks like we may be expecting too much from our poor Ms. Walters this time. How can she possibly survive the raving rage of the evil Raven?