OVER ONE HOUR — $59.95


We start out with Nina and Brandy being interviewed by Mia and we soon notice a real rivalry between these two sisters and eventually a challenge is made. This tough talk carries on to the ring even before the match begins. Beautiful young Brandy lets her tough sister know that she's been practicing and getting in shape while she's been away, but Nina isn't worried. She figures she's the toughest. But it's Nina's reputation for cheating that has Brandy worried, so she insists on a ref and gets a tough one that seems to be on her side, Kimberly, who makes some questionable calls. Brandy takes it to her sister--but never count Nina out. She's one of the great ones and ready to prove it. You'd never know they were sisters the way theyy go at each other. They give you everything you could possibly want from a great pro match.


Our next match doesn't have the flair of the first one as Nina doesn't have as much competition. Channell is so shy and soft-spoken, one canšt help but wonder why she even wants to wrestle. That's exactly the way Nina feels when she angrily stomps out of the ring giving up on training this pathetic wimp. Channell then talks Mia into setting up a match with Nina. Seems like such a hopeless mismatch. But wait ­ "shy" Channell has learned the only possible secret to success - cheat. But, even cheating, how long can Channell keep Nina off. Not the best match-up wešve ever taped, but watching Nina is always a treat, especially when she's getting some of what she usually dishes out. Nina is a real jewel in the ring!