ONE HOUR — $59.95


In our never-ending quest to bring you innovative female combat we wormed our way into a southern California nightclub where the premiere traveling wrestling entertainment troop was appearing. Many of these ladies are familiar to DT fans - Sandy, Marjone, and Doreen - but the others are all new to the screen and they are some ultra sexy ladies. The ladies are introduced, then dance in costume. Sandy takes on Marjone in a wild hot cream match after a few lucky men get to lather them up. Itıs great fun watching these sleek grapplers sliding over each other, but don't think these beauties aren't out for destruction. That hot cream splatters as the girls slam hard on the mat. Then two of these beauties take on two guys but not until they go through another very sensuous cream down. Slipping and sliding, these white female figures take it to these lucky guys. The finale romp pits four ladies against one man - but first we are again treated to sleek bodies getting hot cream spread all over their bodies. All four get a piece of him at the same time as they slide through the warm white cream. See seven beautiful ladies having a fun hot creaming with the boys.